Improvement or change?

Although at times change is good , an alteration, rather than a complete restructuring could prove more favourable giving a fresher, more exhuberant appeal.

Your look must set you apart from everyone else and together we will achieve that.

At INF-P we believe that there are no limitations when it comes to creativity, especially when it concerns something as important as your business.

Our services include:

– Website design, Administration as well as maintenance
– Design of business cards, flyers, postcards, greeting cards and much more
– Low cost Printing of all of the above
– Laser Engraved USB Flash Drives
– UPS Backup Power Solutions
– Computer peripherals such as Hard Drives and USB Flash Drives

One of our client’s is Restore Health Water, who’s website can be viewed by clicking here.

Please note online store pricing does not include artwork. Please enquire about our design services. Dismiss